Bankroll: Why Emotion & Gambling Aren’t Good Together (And Never Will Be?)


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“Carried away by the heat of the moment when losing or winning?” –That’s not an excuse to overspend at the casinos.

It’s why you shouldn’t bring emotions at the tables, just like boxers when in a boxing fight or athletes in a baseball game.

Feeling emotional, your mind’s clouded for OBJECTIVITY, giving way for SUBJECTIVITY—pointless brain function when gambling.

And when Mr. Subjective is around, you’ll find it hard to stop. Believe us. Why?

Here is how it works:

 – When losing, players try to win their losses back. (Frustration)

 – When winning, they keep playing with the hopes of winning more. (Greed)

Right, frustration and greed are two dark sides of a subjective thought.

How do you remain objective to manage your bankroll then? It’s simple.

Determine how much budget to spend that session and stick with it, NO MATTER WHAT, meaning not going beyond it—win or lose.

BONUS TIP: Set a time limit and get off your chair (land-based casino) or log out (online casino) when time is up.

By following these tips, you will emerge a winner, even if you don’t win.

At least, you win over subjectivity and avoid feeling frustrated for LOSING MORE MONEY OR GIVING BACK YOUR WINNINGS AT THE CASINOS.

Did emotion ever hit you at the tables? What happened? We’re sure the community would want to know your story.

Write it in the comment section below. Finally, share this entry with your social circles if you find it useful today!

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